How To Display Coupons in Grid Format

Looking to display the coupon widgets side-by-side in grid format, as seen on the demo page? Here’s how to do that.

Simply add the following code within the shortcode:


For example, a full shortcode would look something like:

couponplugin cat=”coupon-category” h=”h2″ name=”hosting” num=”4″ grid=”4″

Note: The above code would be wrapped inside brackets [ ].

The number used within the grid=” code refers to the width i.e. how many coupons are displayed side-by-side. Typically 3 or 4 works best but you’ll want to try some experimentation.

It will also work in conjunction with how many coupons you have displayed using the num=”4″ line, replacing the number 4 with however many coupons you wish to display overall in theĀ grid.





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